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Meet 5 fantastic high power rifles

When we talk abouthigh-powered rifles we know that it is always difficult to choose the most powerful weapons on the market. For those who are starting out in the business it is essential to understand which power rating criteria for pressure weapons. Know these criteria and discover 5 powerful weapons that promise to exceed expectations.

According to the NRA Airgun Center, we have 4 categories for thepower rating of pressure weapons:

  1. Magnum: Energy greater than 23 Joules (17
  2. High power: Energy greater than 16 Joules (12
  3. Medium power: Energy greater than 11 Joules, up to 16 Joules (8 até 12
  4. Low Power: Energy below 11 Joules

To classify 4.5 mm and 5.5 mm gauge equipment in terms of power we should follow the following criteria:

Size 4.5mm 7.7 grains (0.5 gram) plugs
  • Magnum: V0 from 304 m/s or 1000 fps
  • High Power: V0 from 254 m/s or 833 fps
  • Medium power: V0 from 206 m/s to 253 m/s or 676 fps to 830 fps
  • Low Power: V0 less than 206 m/s or 676 fps
Size 5,5mm – Flags of 15.4 grains (1.0 grama)
  • Magnum: V0 from 215 m/s or 705 fps
  • High Power: V0 from 180 m/s or 591 fps
  • Medium power : V0 from 156 m/s at 180 m/s or 512 fps at 590 fps
  • Low Power: V0 less than 156 m/s or 512 fps

Let’s look at 5 fabulous models of high power rifles


Carabina de alta potência: COMETA FENIX 400 Galaxy

A COMETA FENIX 400 Galaxy is a compressed air rifle high power Weighs 3.4 kilos and is 114 cm long This weapon is capable of firing all ammunition, including the heaviest ones due to its high power.

  • Initial speed 4.5mm cal: 330 m/s or 400 m/s (Projétil PBA).
  • Initial speed 5.5mm cal: 275 m/s or 325 m/s (Projétil PBA).
Comet Lynx V10 MKII carbine

Carabina de alta potência: Carabina PCP Cometa Lynx V10 MKII

The Comet Lynx V10 MKII PCP Rifle is an ideal weapon for Sport Shooting as well as for hunting. This weapon weighs 3.7 kilos, has a total length of 105 cm and a barrel length of 47 cm. The shooting power of the Lynx V10 MKII é <24 Joules.

Norica Marvic 2.0 Luxe Rifle

Carabina de alta potência: Carabina Norica Marvic 2.0 Luxe

The The Norica Marvic 2.0 Lux Rifleisis is a weapon of high power precisely outstanding The Norica Marvic 2.0 Luxe weighs 3.30 kg and measures 118 cm.

  • Initial speed 4.5mm cal: 315 m/s (23.8 Joules)
  • Initial speed 5.5mm cal: 265 m/s (23.8 Joules)
NORICA DRAGON GRS Evolution Max air rifle

Carabina de alta potência: Carabina NORICA DRAGON GRS Evolution Max

The NORICA DRAGON Rifle GRS Evolution Max has the GRS Gas Ram technology that gives it excellent durability as well as the novelty RAS that helps to absorb the vibration produced in the shot. The DRAGON GRS Evolution Max weighs 3.0 kilos and measures 117 cm.

  • Initial speed 4.5mm cal 330 m/s (24 Joules)
  • Initial speed 5.5mm cal 275 m/s (24 Joules)
GAMO Hunter 440-AS IGT Rifle

Carabina de alta potência: Carabina GAMO Hunter 440-AS IGT

TheGAMO Hunter 440-AS IGT Rifle combines absolutely fascinating characteristics, including a classic beech stock with excellent finish, 24 Joules of power and the IGT system In addition to these features, it has the new AS (Air Striper) technology that helps to reduce lead turbulence at the outlet of the pipe, thus increasing the level of accuracy The Hunter 440-AS IGT weighs 3 kilos and measures 112 cm.

  • Initial speed 4.5mm cal: 305m/s Calibre: 4.50mm
  • Initial speed 5.5mm cal: 220m/s Calibre: 5.50mm

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