Sport Federated Shooting? Learn the basics in Portugal

Sport Federated Shooting? Learn the basics in Portugal

Do you practice Sport Shooting for fun, but would like to become federated in the sport? Then, this article is for you!

We will introduce you to the most frequently asked questions, based on the information available on the F.P.T. – Portuguese Federation of Sport Shooting portal.

Is there a minimum age for practicing Sport Shooting?

Yes, the minimum age to start practicing Sport Shooting is 10 years old. However, you must have completed and passed the access exam for the Federative License (TAC) organized by the F.P.T.

At the age of 10, you can ONLY practice shooting with freely acquired compressed air guns.

At 14 years old, you can practice shooting with conditionally acquired compressed air guns, as well as firearms. After that, you must pass the access exam for this type of License (A/D) organized by the Portuguese Shooting Federation.

If you are under 18 years old, presentation of authorization from the parent or legal guardian is indispensable.

What is required to practice Federated Sport Shooting?

  1. Be registered in a Shooting Club affiliated with the F.P.T. (Federated Clubs);
  2. Pass the Access Exam for the Federative License, organized by the F.P.T.;
  3. Be registered with the F.P.T. and hold a definitive Federative License.

What are the licenses for practicing Sport Shooting?

The Portuguese Shooting Federation encompasses precision shooting practiced with licenses A, B, C, and D. License E falls within the scope of the modalities supervised by the Portuguese Federation of Shooting with Hunting Weapons.

The F.P.T. also issues a License (TAC), intended solely for the practice of shooting with freely acquired compressed air guns.

And, is it necessary to have a license to buy and transport air pressure guns?

No. To possess and transport (in a case) freely acquired compressed air guns (less than 24 joules), from home to the permitted shooting practice location, you do not need to have a license.

The difference between some concepts:

Federative license VS firearm carrying and usage license

Federative License: Issued by the Federation, for sports purposes, valid for one calendar year, and its maintenance/renewal depends on compliance with the rules established in the Federative License Regulations.

Firearm Use and Carrying License for Sport Shooting: Issued by the D.N.P.S.P., contingent upon obtaining the Federative License.

Sports insurance VS civil liability insurance

Sports Insurance – Mandatory insurance for all sports practitioners. Guarantees coverage in case of accidents during sports practice.

Civil Liability Insurance – Optional insurance. Covers material and/or non-material damages resulting from bodily and/or material injuries caused to third parties as a result of the use and carrying of firearms or their possession in accordance with the specific applicable legislation (Law no. 5/2006 of February 23 and Ordinance no. 1071/2006 of October 2). It covers precision and hunting weapons (Insurance valid from January 1 to December 31).

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