8 Steps to Adjust the Telescopic Sight

8 Steps to Adjust the Telescopic Sight

Do you know how to properly adjust the telescopic sight on your weapon? It is essential to adjust this optical instrument correctly in sports shooting, especially for long-range shots.

Another benefit is that a properly adjusted telescopic sight gives you advantages over your competitors, both in terms of accuracy and balance. Yes, telescopic sights ensure better results, but you should invest some time in practice.

In this article, we will introduce you to the 8 steps you should follow to handle this accessory like a professional and get the most out of it!

Firearms without integrated sights: what to do?

There are equipment with integrated sights, but if that’s not the case with your firearm, you don’t have to worry. In the market, there are telescopic sights with excellent performance and precision that can be adjusted to any air rifle.

It is important that the sight is adjusted correctly and fine-tuned according to the firearm used, as only in this way can you make the most of this discipline and surpass yourself with each training session.

How to adjust the telescopic sight?

We will introduce you to the 8 essential steps we consider crucial to properly adjust your telescopic sight:

  1. Choose a location with good support to comfortably shoot the rifle: 10 meters will be the ideal distance;
  2. Place a paper circle on the target, so you can clearly see the pellet holes and adjust parameters more easily;
  3. Try to hit the center of the target three times;
  4. Relax from the shooting position and try to hit the center of the target three more times;
  5. Measure the distance between the center of the target and the two groups of shots. Try to identify each of the three groups of shots;
  6. On the rear sight, adjust the right screw clockwise by 2.5 cm for every group that hit to the left of the target center. Next, adjust 2.5 cm counterclockwise for every shot to the right of the target center;
  7. Repeat this process for the centimeters above the target center (one rotation for every 2.5 cm clockwise) or below the center (in the opposite direction to the clockwise rotation);
  8. After adjusting the telescopic sight following the instructions above, fire three shots again, and if necessary, repeat the adjustments.

Advantages of using telescopic sights on rifles:

If you’ve never considered purchasing a telescopic sight, with the potentialities we’re going to discuss next, your opinion will certainly change:

Telescopic sights offer greater range.

A telescopic sight allows shooters to feel more comfortable in the field, not requiring them to be either too close or too far from their target. Thus, with a sight, distant targets become closer, increasing the likelihood of hitting the target.

More precise shots

When using a telescopic sight, the probability of hitting the target in less time and with fewer shots increases. In other words, the level of precision is higher in shots with a sight than without it.

Long-distance shots

By investing in a telescopic sight, you can increase the distance from which you make your shots and, consequently, their effectiveness.

Telescopic sights provide more confidence to shooters.

If you’re a shooter, you likely know the fantastic feeling of hitting the mark in a competitive context. Self-confidence is crucial, and with the right mindset, you can deliver fantastic performances and achieve great results.

Now that you are aware of the capabilities of telescopic sights and know exactly how to adjust them, seriously consider acquiring one and fitting it to your air rifle. You’ll be becoming a more professional and competitive shooter.

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