Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC Air Rifle – 30th Anniversary Edition

Discover the exclusive and numbered edition of the most powerful Air Arms air rifle from the English brand.



Air Arms has always been committed to excellence, consistently investing in rifle production technology.

If Air Arms had already achieved perfection with the S510 air rifle model, how could they further improve it?


The English brand Air Arms responded to that question with the release of the 30th-anniversary edition of the Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC Air Rifle.

Launched to commemorate the brand’s 30 years, this fantastic rifle features an exclusive walnut stock and simply stunning finishes and details.



For this fantastic model, only 100 units were released worldwide, making this rifle a worthy piece for any collector.

This rifle features adjustable shooting power ranging from 16 to 24 joules, an optional telescopic sight, and a shooting autonomy of 45 to 100 shots per 200 bar charge.

Its high-precision Lothar Walther cold-hammer-forged barrel also includes an integrated sound moderator, a side lever loading system, adjustable shooting power, fully adjustable two-stage pure trigger for sensitivity and travel, manual safety, and comes in a high-strength aluminum case.

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