Discover FX Airguns: Swedish Innovation and Precision in PCP Air Rifles

Discover FX Airguns: Swedish Innovation and Precision in PCP Air Rifles

Few would imagine that in the tranquil village of Mariestad, Sweden, a revolution in the technology of PCP air rifles would be born. We’re talking about FX Airguns, today a major company synonymous with excellence and precision, founded by a visionary who sought to redefine the performance standards of PCP air rifles.

So, in this article, we will explore the Swedish brand FX Airguns and its commitment to innovation and precision in PCP air rifles.

Born to Innovate

Founded in 1999 by Fredrik Axelsson, a passionate PCP air rifle enthusiast, FX Airguns was the answer to a personal quest for the ideal air rifle. Unsatisfied with the options available, Axelsson set out to create a PCP air rifle that embodied his vision of the ideal shooting experience.

From this exploration emerged FX Airguns, a brand that would soon become a leader in the PCP air rifle industry, known for its innovative spirit and commitment to quality.

At FX Airguns, the philosophy is simple yet profound: to manufacture PCP air rifles that are exceptional in every aspect. This philosophy is reflected in the design and engineering of each air rifle, ensuring that every product that leaves the factory is not just another PCP air rifle, but a masterpiece of Swedish craftsmanship.

Meticulous Production

At FX Airguns, the quest for perfection goes beyond the assembly line. Here, the production of PCP air rifles is not simply a business – it’s art. Each FX PCP air rifle is meticulously crafted by a team of over 50 skilled Swedish artisans and engineers.

These artisans draw upon decades of experience and attention to detail in every creation, evident in the features of FX Airguns PCP air rifles:

  • Superior Materials: The meticulous selection of premium components, such as Swedish steel, lightweight alloys, and high-quality composites, ensures durability and top-tier performance.
  • Precision: Tight tolerances and rigorous manual fitting of parts ensure smooth operation, consistent accuracy, and minimal mechanical wear.
  • Aesthetic Mastery: In addition to being visually appealing, the sleek and ergonomic designs prioritize comfort and handling for the shooter.

Focus on Innovation

Rooted in the same determination as its founder, FX continuously seeks to surpass the competition, resulting in a remarkable collection of patents and a reputation as the most technologically advanced manufacturer of PCP air rifles.

One of the most notable testaments to FX Airguns’ innovative spirit is the FX Dreamline.the world’s first fully modular PCP air rifle system. This revolutionary design allows the rifle to be transformed into various configurations, perfectly adapting to different shooting applications. For example, the FX Smooth Twist X Barrel technology allows for changing the rifle’s caliber (4.50mm or 5.50mm) and swapping the barrel’s interior rifling liner to achieve maximum performance with any type of projectile, at any distance.

Bets with Results

These commitments of FX Airguns to innovation and precision translate directly into remarkable results in the hands of skilled shooters.

Let’s take, for example, the remarkable achievements of Philip Jönsson, an FX Airguns employee who won the gold medal in the Mixed Standing SH2 (10m) event at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. Jönsson’s victory is particularly notable as he became the first athlete with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy to win a Paralympic gold medal.

This is not an isolated case. The FX Boss PCP air rifle, used by the company’s founder himself, Fredrik Axelsson, achieved first place in the prestigious 2012 Extreme Benchrest competition held in Green Valley, Arizona. It’s worth noting that 4 out of the top 10 ranked competitors also relied on FX Airguns air rifles for their exceptional performance.

This trend continued, and FX Airguns PCP air rifles quickly gained immense popularity among competition shooters. In 2017, nearly 75% of the top 20 competitors in the “Pro” and “Sportsman” classes of Extreme Benchrest chose FX PCP air rifles. So, there is little doubt remaining: FX Airguns is synonymous with excellent precision and top-tier performance in demanding competition conditions.


FX Airguns embodies a unique blend of Swedish ingenuity, craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of PCP air rifle technology.

At Mundilar, we take pride in offering dozens of FX Airguns rifles and accessories, a brand that receives no shortage of praise from our customers in Portugal and around the world.

So, we invite you to explore the range of FX Airguns PCP rifles in our online store. And as always, if you need expert advice, simply contact us at [email protected].

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