Air Rifle: How Does It Work and What Are the Best Models?

Air Rifle: How Does It Work and What Are the Best Models?

The air rifle, also known as a compressed air or air pressure rifle, is a highly sought after and in-demand firearm among sports shooting enthusiasts and followers.

The main advantage of air rifles, or airguns, is their high precision. In fact, this factor is what leads many sports enthusiasts to choose these firearms for tournaments and competitions.

In today’s article, we will discuss how air rifles work and suggest some models at various price points.

How does an air rifle work?

Unlike explosive models, air rifles or airguns are powered solely by the lead projectile propelled by compressed air pressure generated through a spring, piston, gas, or an internal reservoir of compressed air or CO2.

Very briefly, when the trigger is pulled, the spring is released and triggers a piston that compresses the air passing through the location where the lead is located. Due to the force of the compressed air, the lead is forced to pass through the barrel at high speed and, once in the air, only stops at the target.

When it comes to air rifles, the hard part is simply making a choice. The variety is big, and the prices can range from 70€ to 800€. These values depend on many factors, but especially on the quality of the construction, the different components it comprises, and the features.

Within the wide variety available, there are different types of air rifles that essentially differ in terms of lead exit velocity, accuracy, power, and overall performance.

Due to their high capability, air rifles are excellent choices for sports shooting nthusiasts, thanks to their precision, power, and the possibility of continuous shots. In fact, this type of firearm is the most commonly used in various compressed air shooting disciplines.

Air pressure rifle for every budget.

As we mentioned, there are models for every budget. To prove this, we’ll provide you with some models at various price points, each with different features.

GAMO Delta Air Rifle

The GAMO Delta air rifle is a bestseller! With its steel rifled barrel and polymer-coated finish, it not only protects the steel against corrosion but also absorbs vibrations from the mechanism. It’s the best model for young shooters who want to take their first steps in sports shooting.

  • Muzzle velocity: 160 m/s
  • Caliber: 4.5mm
  • Power: 7.5J
  • Length: 94cm
  • Weight: 2.1kg

GAMO Replay 10 MAXXIM Elite Air Rifle

The Quick Shot 10x system integrated into this gun is an exclusive GAMO technology that allows you to fire 10 pellets in succession, with the shooter only needing to break the barrel between each shot.

  • Muzzle velocity: 305m/s for 4.5mm caliber and 220m/s for 5.5mm caliber.
  • New Whisper MAXXIM noise reduction technology.
  • SAT (Smooth Action Trigger) trigger technology.
  • High-quality beech wood stock with adjustable cheek piece.
  • Weight: 3kg

Air Arms PRO Sport Beech Air Rifle

The Air Arms Pro Sport rifle is considered one of the most accurate air rifles in the world. The combination of a Walther barrel with top-of-the-line components gave rise to this phenomenon in long-distance accuracy.

  • High-precision fixed Walther rifled barrel;
  • Fully adjustable two-stage trigger by Air Arms;
  • Power: Available in 16 or 20 Joules FAC.
  • Length: 103.5 cm
  • Weight: 4.10kg

Norica Dark Bull BP PCP Air Rifle

One of the main advantages of this air rifle is its high precision. The regulator of this air rifle operates at a constant pressure of 135 Bar, and its maximum filling pressure is 250 Bar.

  • High-precision rifled barrel with 45cm.
  • Manual safety trigger, adjustable for sensitivity and travel.
  • Multi-shot magazine with capacity for 12 pellets in 4.50mm and 10 pellets in 5.5mm.
  • Length: 73cm
  • Weight: 2.9kg

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