Facts About the Weapons Used in Movies

Facts About the Weapons Used in Movies

Are you a fan of sport shooting and love cinema? You will certainly devour this article from beginning to end. We have compiled some of the most iconic weapons used in Hollywood movies.

The use of weapons in Hollywood movies.

Hollywood - Weapons Used in Movies

Hollywood movies are synonymous with large productions and enormous budgets. In the case of action movies, we are accustomed to extravagant special effects and big combat scenes with the use of weapons.

However, you might not have any idea that in these scenes, the use of real weapons doesn’t always occur. It’s a growing trend to have airsoft weapons even in mainstream movies.

Airsoft guns are gaining popularity in Hollywood, both in terms of cost optimization and safety.

The use of real firearms on a film set requires a ‘Gun Wrangler,’ responsible for all the weapons and strict criteria during their handling.

Those who love cinema surely don’t forget the tragedy of Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, killed on set in ‘The Crow 2’. During filming, a fatal shot from a real .44 Magnum took his life.

Movies that used airsoft guns.

For action movie fans, we’ve made a selection of 7 films that used airsoft guns in some of their scenes. Here are they:

1. Mission: Impossible III – Army Armalite M15A4 FPS-380

Classic Army Armalite M15A4 FPS-380 - Weapons Used in Movies

Starring Tom Cruise, the film is filled with airsoft guns throughout the entire shoot. Watch the movie closely and try to find, for example, the Classic Army Armalite M15A4 FPS-380 carbine or the Sig Sauer P229.

2. 28 Weeks Later (Extermínio 2) – M4A1

Weapons used in movies.

In this movie, almost all variants of the M4A1 appear. Try to spot the Classic Army logo and the white Armalite logo.

3. Matrix – UTG Remington 870 Special Ops FPS-330

In a movie filled with action and science fiction, airsoft guns are also present to add a new dimension to the film. You can see, for example, the Well G-55 MP5K, the UTG Remington 870 Special Ops FPS-330, or the Desert Eagle 44 Magnum 90221 FPS-230, among other models.

4. Greenzone (Zona Verde) – Army AR-15

Classic Army AR-15 - Weapons Used in Movies

This movie highlights American special forces and the way they operate whenever needed. In one of the movie’s scenes, the Classic Army AR-15s make all the difference and evoke a sense of power.

5. Salt – Sig Sauer P229

In the movie starring Angelina Jolie, her boss appears in one of the final scenes with a Sig Sauer P229, which demonstrates his charisma, confidence, and determination to possess a weapon of this caliber.

6. Quantum of Solace – KJW KP-07 K1911

KJW KP-07 K1911 - Weapons Used in Movies

If we’re talking about weapons used in movies, we couldn’t fail to mention James Bond (the timeless secret agent) in Quantum of Solace. Throughout the movie, several weapons are on display, but the AEG G&G RK103 and the KJW KP-07 K1911 really captivate the viewers.

7. Tropa de Elite – M16A1

M16A1 - Weapons Used in Movies

This film is a milestone in Brazilian cinema because it portrays some of the reality found in various regions of the country, especially in the favelas. It’s common to come across various airsoft guns, such as the M16A1, during the film shoots.

Have you seen any of the selected movies? Did you manage to discover the airsoft guns that were used? Tell us everything or add other movies that featured extraordinary and equally or more powerful weapons. Leave your answer in the comments.

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