CO2 Pistol: Why Have One in Your Collection

CO2 Pistol: Why Have One in Your Collection

CO2 pistols (carbon dioxide) are highly desired models among shooting enthusiasts. And there are reasons for that! The main reason why CO2 guns are so prized is the significant power of their shots, a factor that all shooting enthusiasts admit to being the most attractive.

In today’s article, we will discuss the characteristics of this type of firearm, why they are so coveted, and what precautions should be taken during their handling to ensure they last longer in their best condition.

How does a CO2 pistol work?

CO2 pistols are air guns that utilize compressed air pressure for firing projectiles.

CO2 pistols fall into the same class as compressed air guns and paintball guns. The difference? CO2 pistols acquire their air through an air cartridge: a small disposable cylinder containing 12 grams of carbon dioxide liquid, CO2. When this small cylinder is pierced, the liquid transforms into pressurized gas, which in turn fills the pistol chamber. Each shot will expend some of the air pressure until the cartridge is empty and needs to be replaced, allowing energy to be stored for use in consecutive shots like a semi-automatic firearm.

The operation of CO2 pistols makes their design simpler compared to other air pistols.

CO2 Pistol: The Queen of Power

CO2 is known to greatly increase the power of the firearm. For enthusiasts of high-powered weapons, a CO2 pistol or revolver promises more strength and greater satisfaction with each shot.

CO2 pistols also have the advantage of being more versatile, as there is greater ease in producing replicas with the same mechanisms, functions, and parts.

If you own a firearm, you certainly want it to last for many years with the same quality and power. For this, all firearms need some attention, and CO2 pistols and revolvers are no exception.

If you already own a CO2 firearm or are planning to acquire one, we provide a set of precautions you can and should follow:

  • Avoid leaving your firearm near solar sources or directly exposed to the sun, as it risks ammunition failure.
  • Do not leave the cylinder in the firearm for many days after the last shots, as CO2 can dry out the valves and orings of the firearm.
  • It is very important to apply a drop of silicone oil or special lubricant to the tip of the CO2 cylinder before attaching it to the firearm. The constant contact of the cylinder metal with the valve metal accelerates the firearm’s wear.
  • We recommend cleaning and lubricating your firearm every 200 shots or every 6 months. Listen to and feel your firearm, you will likely be able to tell when a cleaning is necessary.

Our CO2 Pistol Recommendation

CO2 firearms are highly sought after by enthusiasts looking for powerful weapons, and there are several models to choose from.

Our suggestion is the Gamo PT-85 Blowback Pistol.

Gamo is a proven brand known for the quality of its firearms, and this pistol reflects just that. The incorporated Blowback system in the firearm transforms it into a semi-automatic weapon with the firing effect of a real firearm. The dual magazine system, 2×8, allows for rapid firing of 8 pellets, which can be quickly removed and replaced. It is a CO2 pistol with a caliber of 4.5mm. You can view all the features of this pistol here.

CO2 pistols and revolvers offer users an incredible shooting experience, thanks to their high power and firing velocity ranging between 120 and 138 m/s (with PBA Platinum pellets).

You can explore all available models by visiting our page or, even simpler, by clicking here.


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